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Leveller & Decoiler

Coil Car-De-coiler assists in receiving, opening & breaking of High Tensile 36 MT Wt. API Gr X-70- 21 mm thk Coil Front end followed by Shearing machine ensuring a steady, controlled & smooth feeding of High Tensile steel material, minimising tangling, snags or disruptions in the production process to the Leveller. Leveller , 2000 mm Coil width with Pressing Force of combined 800 MT which takes care of various Coil Mill deflections ( lateral, vertical, Axial) etc with automatic Correction of all such High Tensile steel Coil deflections through hydraulic cylinders/ Jactuators having online corrections through Feedback loop controlled load cells maintaining required constant gap between leveling rolls resulting perfect processing & formation of Line pipes in the Forming Mill minimizing rejections < 0.5%.

Banbury Mixer

The Banbury mixer resembles a robust dough mixer in two interrupted spiral rotors move in opposite directions at 30 to 40 rotations per minute. Vulcanizable polymers cannot be used without compounding. Various additives like curative system, protective system, reinforcing agents, cheapeners and other process aids have to be mixed to the polymer or polymer blend “to make a coherent homogenous mass of all these ingredients, which will process satisfactory and on Vulcanisation will give the product capable of giving the desired performance.

Block Roller Assly​

Completely CNC and VNC machined to get high accuracy and to carry out heavy duty load work. While the specific details might vary based on the application, here’s a general idea of what such a Key components could involve: Block, Rollers, Bearings, Mounting and Adjustment Mechanisms

Complex Precision Fabrication

Complex precision fabrication equipment refers to advanced machinery and tools used in manufacturing processes that involve intricate and accurate shaping, cutting, joining, and assembly of various materials. These equipment are commonly utilized in industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical devices, and more.

Critical Component for Maintenance

A vital part necessary for the upkeep and proper functioning of a system, machinery, or equipment to ensure smooth operations are manufactured by us in given time. It play a pivotal role in the functionality, reliability, and safety of the equipment. These components are essential for the proper operation of the equipment and require special attention during maintenance, repair, and replacement.


Conveyor systems comprising of Wear resistance Natural Rubber, PU Lined Steel cast Rolls or bare Steel Cast Rolls (Diabolic Conveyors, PU & Epoxy Coated Conveyors, Steel Pipe Conveyors, Sliding or Transfer Car Conveyors for API Line Pipe & Coating Plants ) with unique features of Tilting degree designed for API Gr Pipes ( Steel, PU & Epoxy Coated Pipes of 36 MT Weight Max ) for the Plants in India & Abroad, ensuring scratch & dent free operations. Additionally we also manufacture & supply conveyor lines for various process Plants across India.

Jack Actuators

Motorised Actuators ( Jack Actuators 50 MT to 200 MT Axial Load) used for applications in API Line Pipe Plants, specially manufactured for Heavy Duty Automatic Tack welding Machines (mounted with Load cells) which maintains root face alignment of Line Pipes with high degree of precision ie +/- 0.2 mm in a Line Speed of 9 meters/Minute in the continuous Tack welding Machine ( for API Gr. X-80 Heavy duty Line Pipes which is Worlds one of the most Heavy & Strongest Automatic Continuous Tack Welding line )


A device capable of both upward and downward rotation for turning or positioning objects in different orientations is commonly known as a “Bidirectional Rotator” or a “Dual-Axis Rotator.” This type of equipment allows objects to be rotated in two directions, providing versatility in positioning and handling. These rotators are used in various industries and applications, such as manufacturing, material handling, automation, and more. Types of rotator as follow : Up and Down Rotator, Structure Rotator, Wagon Rotator.

Kicker Receiver & Stop and Go

Equipments used for Smooth, Scratch & Dent free Transfer of API X-70 Grades Line Pipes & in process, Coated Line Pipes in a continuous & Automatic manufacturing process in the Line Pipes manufacturing Plants where in every process is precisely executed in a controlled manner to ensure consistent and high-quality Line Pipes manufacturing process such a Forming, welding, Expansion, hydrotest, online NDT etc followed by precision Coating line( Plant) to prevent any imperfections resulting a defect level of < 0.5 % in the Plant.